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  1. List of approved suggestions:
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  4. Rates: • Rates - XP x2500 | SP x2500 | Aden x2500 | Party XP/SP x2 • Enchant Regular Scrolls 50% | Blessed Scrolls 50% | Safe: +15| Max: No Limit • Failed item will return back to +15 Augmentations: • Top life stone skill chance - 5%. • Augmentation skills stack on each other • List with available skills • Raid Bosses drop Life Stones • Life Stone Zone available Server features: • All towns are included into the game • Custom Pet System • Nostalgic Zones • Castle sieges weekly • Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants, enchants • Primeval Isle PvP Zone • Arena PvP Zone • More than 10 active raid bosses • Wedding system. • Unique farming zones • NPC skill enchanter • Apella Armors. Stats match the S grade sets • Special Tattoos • Full Buffer • Max Buffs - 70 • Max Subclasses - 5 • No weight limit • No grade penalty • Top 10 Players in game • Augmentation system
  5. Server system has been updated. Please download the latest version https://www.mediafire.com/file/4kyhynxvxojnao6/NTL2_V.1.9.zip/file
  6. Version V.1.9


    NTL2 System V.1.9.zip
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